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Ruby Gloomed
Me & Ruby


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A Little About Me and What I Know About Ruby

Monday Review

Thanks Ruby for coming over this weekend and hanging out. I had a blast at Disneyland. I can't wait for you to come back so we can do it again. I can't believe you have never been to Starbucks before....yummy. Monday at school was ok...Mark threw up at lunch all over the Missy. I could not stop laughing. Too bad she was not wearing her cheerleading outfit.

I first got into Ruby Gloom last year when my best friend Jane bought me my first Ruby Gloom shirt for my birthday. It had no pictures on it just the words "This is my smile" on a red t-shirt. It still makes me laugh.

Since then I have bought almost everything Ruby Gloom I can find. Most of the stuff I buy online check out my links page to see where.

Here is what I know about Ruby. She is the happiest girl in the world (like me). She lives in a big spooky house with her rag doll, Mr. Buns, heheh. She also has a crow that keeps an eye on her, his name is Poe. She's so happy, she could die.

I had a dream about Ruby the other day. She was a substitute teacher for my AP English class. I was so happy because Mrs. Williams does not like me too much. Ruby discussed The Grapes of Wrath since that is the book we are currently reading. After our discussion she took us all on a feild trip over to the Natural History Museum, Ruby makes a great teacher!


Ruby and I hit the magic kingdom!

To the left is a picture of me and Ruby in front of Snow Whites castle at Disneyland. She was able to come down for the weekend and since I knew she loved Disneyland we spent all day Saturday there.

I think our favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion..we went on it like 5 times. She knew most of the ghosts working that day. She also liked Splash Mountain.

Mr. Buns got lost in Toon Town but we found him in Mickeys house fast a sleep in his bed. Poe was too freaked out by all the people to come down...he just circled over head keeping an eye on us.

Ruby thanks for coming out and keeping me company while Jane toured the country. Come back soon.